Our Mission

To awaken hope for all people living with Alzheimer's Disease and related disorders by developing effective, affordable, non-invasive, non-pharmacological treatments that harness the power of music and neuroscience to stimulate change in the brain. 

Our Vision

We envision a future in which all people living with neurodegenerative disorders have access to a variety of modalities for mitigating—or even reversing—disease progression.

Our Values


As stewards of our company’s business, we hold ourselves accountable to our investors, our strategic partners and our teammates. As scientists, we hold ourselves accountable to a universal code of ethics. And as individuals, we hold ourselves accountable to our highest ideals of honesty, integrity and loyalty.


We embrace a scientific process of discovery in which we examine theories never before conceived, seek novel applications for existing principles and pursue truth through a free exchange of ideas.


We share an enthusiasm for the work we do every day because we are confident that our vision for a better future for patients and their families is realistic and achievable. 


We are driven by compassion—for patients as well as the families, friends and co-workers who face caregiving challenges. Compassion is also central to our company culture, and is revealed in the ways we interact with our teammates, partners and families. 


As a company on the forefront of scientific investigation, we aim to lead and inspire this and the next generation of discoverers who share our spirit of hope and optimism.


The realization of our ambitious vision will only come about through the collaboration and cooperation of individuals and teams that bring diverse skills and abilities to our shared mission.

Beyond Alzheimer’s

In addition to exploring the potential to delay or halt the onset of multiple Alzheimer’s disease biomarkers, we are looking into applications of rhythmic brain stimulation for disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, aphasia, dyslexia, and others.